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Ivo Boscarol

Ivo Boscarol, born 1956, is a M.B.A. of Economics. His early career involved him in photography, publication design, radio marketing, later event organization and entrepreneurship. Aviation as his hobby grew ever stronger and Boscarol founded Pipistrel, now the World's most versatile light aircraft producer in 1987 and has been the director of the company ever since. Boscarol is known to have laid foundation for light recreational flying in Yugoslavia and later Slovenia. His designs of powered hanggliders and motorgliders are now legendary. Ivo Boscarol was awarded with the Paul Tissandier Diploma, the highest honorable award by the FAI for outstanding contributions on the field of aviation. Boscarol's brainchildren Sinus, Virus and Taurus are a Worldwide hit, but his vision does not stop here. He is a strong believer in energy preservation and has incorporated this philosophy in everything from company premises to products.


Griša Močnik

Griša Močnik, PhD, is the director and chief scientific officer of Aerosol d.o.o. – the producer of the Aethalometer, the instrument for measurement of black carbon. He received his doctorate from the University of Ljubljana while working at Institute “Jozef Stefan”, where he performed research on photothermal methods for investigation of highly absorbing and scattering samples. Before that he studied physics at the University of Ljubljana. Griša Močnik has been a principal investigator, researcher and scientific advisor in numerous development and research projects in the field of aerosol instrumentation and laser devices. His work is mostly focused on the development of filter based instrumentation for research of aerosol optical properties and application of this instrumentation – in particular measurement of black carbon and other light absorbing carbonaceous aerosols. He is a member of the UNECE expert group on Black Carbon. His current research includes source apportionment of carbonaceous aerosol for local studies and in context of long range transport; vertical profiles of primary combustion products; and methods for emission measurements. Discrimination of diesel exhaust and wood-smoke is his pet subject.


Vojko StrahovnikVojko Strahovnik holds a bachelor’s degree in geography. Although he started his career in tourism, nature has been his basic field of interest since childhood. After acquiring experience in tourism advertising, Strahovnik worked at the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, and the stint left its mark on the past 20 years of his work. Although opting for private entrepreneurship, Strahovnik remains closely connected with the topic of nature through advertising, exhibitions, prints production etc. He is also specialised in book editing, in fact, he has been editor-in-chief of twenty monographs so far.

Tine TOMAŽIČTine Tomažič

Tine Tomažič graduated from grammar school “Veno Pilon” in Ajdovščina in 2002 with highest honors and received his B.Sc. with Summa cum laude in Modelling, Simulation and Control at University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 2007. He is the author of several awarded scientific articles in his field of research, involving Systems Automation and Control and Tuning of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. In 2007, Tine Tomažič received the Univerzitetna Presernova nagrada award, the highest award for scientific contributions that a university student can receive in Slovenia.
Besides university engagements, Tine is a qualified flight instructor, test pilot and works in Research&Design for Slovenia’s largest light aircraft producer, Pipistrel d.o.o. Ajdovščina. From 2007, he is a PhD student on Systems automation/Stability Augumentation on Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. He has a status of Junior Researcher

Domen GRAUFDomen Grauf

Domen Grauf (1981) has  been flying since the age of 16. He started with gliders, but due to lack of time he could not maintain his glider licence.
He holds several pilot licences and ratings, SEP/L and MEP/L. In 2004, he started flying three-axis microlights, and was very impressed with the fact that microlighting represents a worldwide revolution in affordable flying. He is interested in development of lightweight engines and structures inevitably spilled over to the more progressive minds in GA.
He is an Active member of LZS Aeronautical Association of Slovenia, The Microlight Commission President, member of aeroclub AK Slovenj Gradec and  Društva letalcev Zgornje Savinjske doline.

Petra DRAŠKOVIČPetra Draskovič

Petra Draškovič (1980) is a researcher, traveller, photographer and above all nature-lover. She explores the beauty of mystical underground, and is attracted to the vast blue of the sky and flying at the same time.

Born in Maribor, she moved to Ljubljana to study Biochemistry at the Faculty for Chemistry and Chemistry Technology at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2009 she obtained her PhD degree in Biomedicine at Medical Faculty University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana. She works at Bia Ltd company in Ljubljana.

Her passion for photography and nature has led her to many wild places, including Alaska, Russian Altai and wilderness of Canada. Her photographs and stories are published in numerous Slovenian and international magazines, and has had several solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.

Andreja VREČARAndreja Vrečar

Andreja Vrečar (1971) graduated in Computer Science. She specialized in programing for Internet (PHP) and developing Flash multimedia applications.
She developed GreenLightWorldFlight website and makes sure we can be part of this adventure.

Traveller and nature-lover in free time.



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Projekt merjenja koncentracij črnega ogljika v ozračju na letu okoli sveta konkurira na razpisu Generalnega direktorata za podnebno politiko pri Evropski komisiji

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